Swiss Air


This will just be a short review of Swiss Air in business class and mostly food porn.  The flight was relatively uneventful, the seat was “aright” and the service was great and the flight attendants very friendly and helpful.

I got a nice three hour nap with it laid flat and had enough room for my feet in the well, but had to keep my knees bent to not bop my head at the top or squish my feet at the bottom.  I suspect if you are 6′-3″ or under you could fully stretch out.

Biggest complaint (as usual) is the lack of air vents on these new fangled planes.  Between the enclosure and the heat from the video system, I find it too warm and without a vent to aim at oneself, it makes it difficult to stay comfortable.  Of course I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt but the Swiss folks in my row were bundled up like it was the arctic!  I was in one of the seats closest to the window which meant my side table provided me with some protection from bumps as folks and carts went down the aisle.  Mike’s table was beside the window so he sat closer to the aisle and it was noticeably cooler.  The ac vents ran along the underside of the overhead bins along the aisle so he got more air.  And while he got bumped some, he didn’t mind when it was the ice cream cart that woke him up!


The food onboard was all tasty.  While I reviewed the menu, I enjoyed a G&T (with lots of ice please) and nuts (not warmed).



I selected the prawns as my starter.  They were tasty but the cantaloupe was incredible! Mike had the cured beef at the flight attendant’s suggestion and said it was really good.  I hated that we weren’t sitting in the middle section so we could share. I had the swiss white wine with my appetizer.  It was tasty….chardonayey.


I chose the beef for my entree. It was REALLY good and for the first time on a plane cooked medium rare.  British Air could learn a few things from SWISS on how to prepare a filet.  I asked for a tasting of all three of the reds and really liked the


The cheese tray was also tasty with a sip of tawny port followed by the really fresh tasting strawberry dessert (and a tasty crumble) with a baileys…then it was nap time!


I awoke several hours later while most were asleep.  I was surprised given it was a daytime flight how many were sleeping…not everyone had been up for 32 hours like we had.  Maybe because to everyone’s internal clock it was 9 pm or so since our flight didn’t leave until late afternoon.  I took a walk around the cabin and discovered that they were just starting the ice cream service.  For me, there is nothing that says you are flying something special as having ice cream on a plane…and this was a first, a waffle cone!  It was delicious.  Sorry for the poor lighting, but the cabin lights were off.


After watching movie #2, they started the arrival meal service.  While I wasn’t overly hungry and started to decline, I was really glad I didn’t.  The barley salad was REALLY REALLY good.



After arrival in Miami and the delay getting off the plane due to the thunderstorm, we had an uneventful trip through customs (even though my new mobile passport app didn’t help as their computer was down) but once I went back to the global entry kiosk all was well and since Mike didn’t get delayed by the supposedly faster app like me, he already had our bags.  We got the shuttle to the Element hotel (Westin’s extended stay brand) which we had booked using points.  I had been hoping to have cuban food (when we were scheduled to arrive at 2:30 on TAP )but after the delay we were really tired and knew the 3:15 am alarm was going to come pretty fast so we opted to split a salad and some wings in the hotel.

Needless to say we were in bed and asleep in no time!

3 thoughts on “Swiss Air

  1. Your yummy description of wonderful food on Swiss Air makes me so hungry. BTW, Swiss Air is our favorite airline, especially their biz class. Enjoying your blog so very much.


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