In case you were wondering…

Swiss cheese doesn’t have holes! (At lease not all the time)

Landed in Zurich about 40 minutes late. Just fast walked from one end of the airport o the middle, down escalator wait with 400 others for passport control, down more escalator, wait for train, ride fun train with cows and yodeling sounds for three minutes, then up two sets of escalators and another fast walk almost back to where we started and now at the gate. Our outbound flight is late so we we could of slow walked. Lol

Just boarded this Airbus 330-300. And now waiting for everyone else to file aboard. Looks like we are going to be 30 minutes or so late leaving. Presuming of course we don’t have to sit on the taxiway again.

But in this seat I won’t mind to much I don’t think…especially if they keep the champagne (and it is Champagne-not sparkling) coming!

And the food looks like it will be tasty. The items with the chefs hats have been designed by some famous Swiss Chef. Maybe he will have some holey cheese on the plate!

And there is ice cream to go with the movie!

And then an arrival meal too!

Just announced we are going to be almost an hour late leaving but at least we will get to Miami before midnight. Supposed to arrival now about 6 I think. Hmmm, maybe we will get that compensation after all!

2 thoughts on “In case you were wondering…

  1. So happy you have this blog so I can keep up with you and your adventures. Hi from HOT Texas. Hope you enjoyed a moment in Sweitzland. Safe travels.


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