Arrived safe and sound yesterday evening after a lovely drive along the coast from Lisbon.

We stopped in one of the little fishing villages and had a delicious seafood lunch. After getting used to the big city prices of Lisbon we accidentally over ordered thinking the portions would be small given the village pricing. Oops-but somehow we ate it all! Marinated mussels as an appetizer, big salad, fish skewer (turned out it was two!) and rice with monk fish (turns out it included shrimp, clams, crab, and some lobster) in a delicious soupy sauce. All in for $48 including some delicious lemonade. Not a cheap lunch but we certainly got a good value. Next time we will know to only get one entree!

The airbnb apartment is as promised as are the hills in this city!

After unloading our stuff and returning the rental car. We walked (always uphill it seemed) to the Lidl and then back to the apartment. Had some veggie soup from the store and then made early night of it.

Today we are going to explore our neighborhood and find a Francesinha, one of the two dishes Porto is known for. The other is tripe which I already know isn’t my fav…hopefully this triple decked sandwich with cheese gravy will be!

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