Sofia Week Three

Sorry for the delay in posting about our last week in Sofia but I was fighting a cold most of that week and since then we have been traveling.  Due to my cold, we stayed pretty close to the apartment most of the week only venturing out for nourishment, so this post will be mostly of food!

By the end of the week, I was feeling up to walking a little further afield so on the Friday before we left on Saturday morning, we went out to the main pedestrian street to see what a Friday night was like.  We had a good dinner and enjoyed ourselves but frankly it wasn’t that much different than a week night.

Below are some different dishes we had throughout the last week.

Watermelon, Mint and Bulgarian feta salad

Fish in a lemon sauce with a yougurty and garlic side

Grilled cheeses with blueberry preserves

Grilled meatballs and ribs with potatoes and coleslaw and the red pepper/tomatoes/onion sauce that comes with just about everything

We had a RyanAir flight to Barcelona on Saturday afternoon so we had a taxi pick us up about noon and after waiting for the checkin station to open we spent an hour or so in the lounge courtesy of the Priority Pass that comes with both our credit cards.  RyanAir’s boarding was a bit of a cluster but that was due to contract employees I believe. Once aboard, it was typical uneventful service.  I still have trouble getting use to flight attendants hawking raffle tickets but…..the flights were cheap!

Some thoughts on Sofia – it is a beautiful city, especially the non communists parts! There are many parks which while not as well maintained as the ones in Valencia are obviously well loved.  The cost of living is certainly appealing – we suspect that will change when the Euro becomes the standard.  While we discussed where we would want to live if we decided to make it our home, I suspect given the language (alphabet mostly) issues as well as the temperature extremes, that it won’t be where we end up.  But if you are looking for an interesting place you haven’t visited and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then we highly recommend heading to Sofia!

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