Had on time and uneventful flights on COPA from Miami to Panama City to Guayaquil. Lovely meals served on both and discovered that Guava Juice and Rum is a tasty cocktail!

After a short taxi ride to the combo shopping mall/food court/bus station and a little bit of difficulty in finding the ticket office, we boarded our bus to Cuenca. Because Ecuadorians are relatively small, we bought 4 seats to make sure we had leg room. They assigned us the front row so we had extra. I guess we traveled business class the whole trip!

The ride from the coast up to 8399 feet took about 3.5 hours but it was beautiful. The picture at the top of his post was just after we left the city. The rest are as we rode up higher and higher. Lots of switchbacks. I can only imagine how beautiful without the fog in must be in some places. At two places vendors literally jumped on the moving (albeit slowed down) bus and rode a bit. One had ice cream and two others had baskets of empanadas and other pastries. They then jumped off and I guess rode a different bus back to their starting point? We passed huge fields of sugar cane and bananas and/or plantain trees. At roadside stands we saw those, pineapples (hanging upside down), dragonfruit and tons of pumpkin and other goards.

Unfortunately we hit at Friday rush hour when we got to Cuenca so it took another 45 minutes to get through town to the bus station. Then a short taxi ride to our Airbnb and we can finally have a real night of sleep! We did go around the corner and have dinner from a Mom, Pop and 3 kids stand? Stall? Former Living Room? Around the corner. Had two skewers (one pork and pork sausage, the other turkey and chicken) with rice, lentils (or some bean that looks like a lentil) potatoes and plantains. Along with two warm cokes our total bill came to $6!

We are now back in the apartment and this is our view of the cathedral from our balcony.

More later…but after 57 hours of traveling with only a 2 hour plane nap and a 4.5 Hotel sleep, I am going to bed! ‘Night


Will do a full post at some point soon about our Swiss flight. But we have landed in Miami in a thunderstorm so we are sitting on the tarmac waiting for the ground stop to be lifted.

In case you were wondering…

Swiss cheese doesn’t have holes! (At lease not all the time)

Landed in Zurich about 40 minutes late. Just fast walked from one end of the airport o the middle, down escalator wait with 400 others for passport control, down more escalator, wait for train, ride fun train with cows and yodeling sounds for three minutes, then up two sets of escalators and another fast walk almost back to where we started and now at the gate. Our outbound flight is late so we we could of slow walked. Lol

Just boarded this Airbus 330-300. And now waiting for everyone else to file aboard. Looks like we are going to be 30 minutes or so late leaving. Presuming of course we don’t have to sit on the taxiway again.

But in this seat I won’t mind to much I don’t think…especially if they keep the champagne (and it is Champagne-not sparkling) coming!

And the food looks like it will be tasty. The items with the chefs hats have been designed by some famous Swiss Chef. Maybe he will have some holey cheese on the plate!

And there is ice cream to go with the movie!

And then an arrival meal too!

Just announced we are going to be almost an hour late leaving but at least we will get to Miami before midnight. Supposed to arrival now about 6 I think. Hmmm, maybe we will get that compensation after all!


After a long night we were thrilled when the Swiss counter agent took our bags very early (5:45?) which allowed us to head for the lovely SAS lounge and have a shower! OMG I felt human again.

We just boarded our ride to Zurich and here’s hoping the rest of our journey to Cuenca is a little less eventful (and stressful) than the last leg.