After an uneventful flight from Barcelona we made it to Lisboa and to our apartment for the next two weeks.

Those two windows on the left with the blue lower shutters are our bedroom and bath. The view at the top is from the sun room at the rear. Writing this while sitting there with all the sliders open enjoying the glorious cool breeze.

Just got back from taking the tram into the center city.

After a walk along the river we had a delicious dinner that included olives, a “pate” made of tuna & anchovies, yummy razor clams in lemon butter, stewed octopus with tomatoes and potatoes and almonds and bacalhau-the traditional salt. Cod and potato dish. We had this at Lisbon’s traditional market half of which is now a food hall with restaurants and stalls by upscale chefs. The Bacalhau had crispy potatoes rather than soft ones and olive “dust”‘rather than olives. So now that we have had the Chefy interpretation we are in search of the traditional dish.

Anyway, off to bed but so far loving Portugal!

Will do a catch up blog post on the last week in Sofia and the four days with Mike’s brother and his family in Barcelona shortly.

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