Last Greek Salad.

We headed out about 4 to wander Oia and have a very late lunch/early supper.

Below are some of the sights and photos of our final meal which was similar to all the others we have had here except for my birthday lunch. We have been forced to survive on gyro and Greek salads…how terrible! LOL. With the occasional baclava (apparently that’s how the Greeks spell it in English here?).

The shot above is from the “Minoan” Castle looking towards our hotel. Below is the view we have up to it.

Here is the great place we have patronized. Notice their gyro is horizontal and over charcoal.

And just to reinforce the whole stair situation below are a couple of shots of Stavros-one is our hotel’s porter toting other guests luggage to the hotel. Typically the porters have one bag in their shoulder and and carry another. But in this case, it appears overpacker’s anonymous hasn’t reached these new guests. I’m sure they are only here for one night!

In order to get to the first picture he has already come down at least 100 steps/ramps and made his way through throngs of picture taking tourists. You couldn’t pay me enough to be him (as if I could even think about doing it).

We have been amazed by the number of visitors here especially given this is the very beginning of season. It has been particularly interesting to see how many couples are here having their wedding pictures taken. It isn’t clear if they are getting married here. Most of them are Asian. They are wandering around town in BIG pouffy dresses and tuxedoes stopping every and anywhere to set up their shots-usually with a photographer and at least one assistant. And some like you can see in the pictures below go way off the trail to get just the right picture!

Of course everywhere in this town there are tourists in each others way trying to take the perfect picture. Mike and I laughed for s good 15 minutes watching the three ladies below taking selfies and posed shots of each other after trespassing into our hotel. What you see below is only a portion of what we witnessed.

It has been a great birthday and I’m so glad we were able to come to Santorini now as I sincerely believe that I don’t have many more of these steps in me…..wonder if I don’t make it back up to the shuttle tomorrow if they will let me move in?

So here is my wisdom for today…when you have a wish to do something, be sure and do it while you can.

I am so so happy I happened to see “that” pool 10 years ago and let it become the reason for this whole adventure Mike and I are on to commence. Thanks to his frugality, our great employers, and our wish to make it happen NOW, I got to fulfill this dream.

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