Had a beautiful last day in Valencia. Strolled through upper section of the riverbed Park. It’s the newest section and the most (overly) designed. We then walked back to our apartment. It is amazing that in the midst of the urban development that their is still farming going on. If you look closely you can see an artichoke!

Writing this from the Lounge at the airport -thank goodness for the “free” pass to Priority Lounges I get with my Chase Preferred Card. We arrived about 11 and RyanAir wouldn’t take our bags until 12:15 so we came here. Had my last 2nd Spanish breakfast of toast with tomato and cafe con leche (and a sweet!).

At noon, Mike stayed behind while I went to check our bags. Unlike at 11, there was now a hoard (including a rugby team-at least there was eye candy).

About 30 minutes later I reached the counter and checked my bag but the lady wouldn’t let me check Mike’s. So had to wait while he came from the lounge, toting both backpacks so he could show his passport. Then back through security and then back to the lounge for 30 minutes or so. Just enough time for a well-deserved (at least after that fire drill) gin and tonic and (Bloody Mary for Mike)

Adios España! Benvento Italia!

6 thoughts on “Leaving.

  1. Hi guys be following your adventures look like you having a hell of a good time so far. Be watching out for more from your next destination. Are you going to make it to England at any time? Take care. Marie xx Sent from my iPhone



  2. Can’t wait to read about your adventures in Italy. A friend and I were supposed to be there right now on a tour, company overbooked, and asked us to postpone. They made it very worth our while.


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