Made It.

So after an uneventful 3 hour and 20 minute train ride we arrived in Valencia. The picture above was taken from our living room window which we have open as it is cool and comfortable to us-of course the Valencians are bundled up like it is the arctic!

Our Airbnb landlord Jordi and given us directions on how to take the metro to our new home but earlier this week he learned the metro station at the train station was going to be closed from noon until 3 because of Saturday’s mascleta at 2 so he suggested taking a taxi instead.

We walked off the train into a packed station of folks waiting to meet people and all were in a party mood. We finally made it out the door and were greeted by crowds similar to those we experienced yesterday. Of course all the streets were closed so no taxis!

Texted with our landlord and he suggested walking to the next station which is what we did. It was like two salmon (large and pulling luggage) swimming upstream. EVERYBODY in Spain was headed to where we were coming from! Oh, yeah and it started to sprinkle! Got to the other station in about 10 minutes and were able to hail a cab there. Unfortunately our pronunciation of our street made the driver think we were trying to go somewhere else that we couldn’t get to because of the road closures so we thought we were gonna have to get out and take the subway. But I called our landlord and he was able to make the driver understand he could get to our apartment.

7 euros and 10 minutes later we arrived! Jordi showed us around and gave us some restaurant suggestions. “Our” neighborhood is outside the city center but three blocks from a metro station and across the street from a tram stop both of which will get us there in about 10 minutes we are told. It is near the newish convention center so there are some larger restaurants nearby but it’s also residential so stores around too.

We had a tasty lunch (late- 2:30) nearby and watched all the folks getting ready for their Las Fallas Saturday night. We are gonna lay low tonight after our busy and long day. I had the burrata and tomato salad and a dish of Jamon (ham) and potatoes. Both were very tasty!

We did make a grocery run and got some essentials-we I’ll likely have an omelet and salad for supper. Doesn’t that sound Spanish? Interestingly here a red pepper is half the cost of a green pepper-opposite of the US.

Anyway, we are pleased with our place (even though a bit sparse) and hope it will make a good home for us for the next few weeks.

Living Room/Dining Room

View into kitchen from Living Room-gas stove, oven, and DISHWASHER!

View towards laundry balcony (washer and lines to dry)

View from laundry into kitchen-microwaveable the right



I’m not planning on continuing to post everyday but certainly at least once a week and more often as conditions warrant. If in the meantime you have any questions-feel Free to ask via a comment and I promise to answer as quickly as I can.

Adios for now!

10 thoughts on “Made It.

  1. Clay, the apt is certainly larger than the 35 x 8 trailer we lived in for 5 years with 3 babies back in our college days!! Know due to your height, you like more room but it looks very livable. Do you have the kindle app on your phone to download books to read when needed? Will be interested in your daily routine, shopping, cooking etc. Enjoy and know you will soon make some friends who can help when needed as well.


  2. I am really enjoying your posts! I met you several years ago on an NCL cruise–can’t remember which one– I think you had organized the Meet and Greet! I love following along in your travels. We were in Valencia one day last year on a cruise — know you will enjoy three weeks. We are headed to Paris for an MSC cruise on Magnifica in April. We have read all the reviews 😱😱but the price was low!! We’ll see!


    • Good to hear from you! Yes we think we will like Valencia. Especially if this beautiful weather continues.

      A Vlog I watch on YouTube has done several sessions on Magnifica. Seems to me they liked it with only a few reservations. It’s called Honest Cruising if you want to check it out.


  3. CLAY!!! I LOVE IT! I know it seems tiny but it is definitely giving me ideas about downsizing now that my oldest is almost in college and thinking of moving on her own. I really appreciate the daily updates and while I understand not posting every day, I miss the chat… virtually. I keep thinking this is a great career for you TRAVEL ADVISOR & FOODIE! Hugs to you and Mike. Can’t wait to see more of the area. PS.. my son the soccer player wants to know if you got to go to Cristiano Rinaldo’s house LOL.


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