Last Night.

It’s 10:07 somewhere off the coast of Spain between Valencia and Barcelona on the last night of our cruise and the puzzle still isn’t done! We have our bags and backpacks packed (there is a little bit of room yet we don’t think we have gotten rid of anything so we are a bit concerned) and unfortunately they still all weigh a ton! But that awful part of the last night in a cruise is done. We aren’t setting our our bags as is usual since we can roll ours and so we are hoping to make an early getaway to catch our train back to Valencia.

Had a fun day there in Valencia. In the morning we visited Oceangrafic which is a great aquarium in the cultural and science complex designed by Calatrava. Longtime followers will remember a bridge in Buenos Aires and the new transit station in New York also designed by this Spanish architect. The entrance building below even has a shimmer wall like Raleigh’s Convention Center.

Then we went to the center of the City in time for today’s Mascleta-the shooting of daytime firework and cannons or something that made the loudest sounds I’ve ever heard. Today was the big one. Reminded both of us of Times Square in New Year’s Eve. Between the crowds in the streets and lining the balconies I suspect there had to be 100,000 folks. Frankly I don’t understand the point of fireworks you can’t see but both the Valencian’s loved it.

From what I understand, this was the real start of the party they will be having through Sunday-amazing how having a blog makes whole towns throw festivals to welcome you! Anyway, below are some of Las Fallas we saw-there are hundreds (and most are huge) around the city. And all will be burned on Sunday at midnight!

After the Mascleta, we stopped for a sangria and some olives (never imagined we get that many for 1.5 euros) before heading back to the ship on the last shuttle from town about 4:40.

A quick soak in the spa for me (Mike got to spend more time) and it was off to get my feets massaged. Remember that onboard credit we had to spend? Mike got a haircut, I got my dogs rubbed. Omg. If I could have that happen everyday life would be even better than it already is!

We then put a load of wash in and headed up for final night of cocktails and sushi. So tasty. Then Mike moved the clothes to the dryer while I got us a table in the restaurant. Dinner was fine but nothing worth wasting data on pictures for.

Did see fellow cruisers and crew all day and saying goodbye is hard. Even though you barely have met, connections have been made with some-acquaintances with others. But we have all shared an experience- generally a good one and in then case of almost everyone we would love to sail with them again. In a few cases, we may actually see each other on land-got a lovely invitation to Scotland from a lovely lass and her hubby if 40 years today!

Anyway after lots of hugs, some awkward, most not and “safe travels” we are ready to move on the next step in Mike’s & Clay’s adventure!

11 thoughts on “Last Night.

  1. What are those displays made of? Paper mache, wood, ? Glad you got the pictures if they are going to burn them. Would think they might leave them up awhile for people to enjoy.
    Do you have any idea where your AirBnB is located in Valencia relative to the town center?
    How many people do these repositioning cruise? Was it a full ship?
    Knowing you, I imagine you now have a number of land invitations.
    A foot massage is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
    Looking forward to the land portion next.


  2. Hard to believe your transatlantic is over and now you start your land adventure.
    Thank you for sharing so much with us. I hope you can continue to blog your adventures.


  3. Thank you so much for this blog on your sailing on the Viking Sky. I will be on the Viking Sea leaving San Juan on March 27 for Barcelona. On CC , my moniker is Azulann.
    I hope you will continue to blog as you traverse Europe till your TA in the fall ,back to the US.


  4. I have enjoyed the updates on your journey. I google the festival and saw previous years pictures. Keep up the good work. We miss you guys, hope we can catch up one day now you’ve joined the “not working” club.


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