One of the things I hate about cruising (just about the only one I guess) is that in order to empty the ship and have it ready for those who are going to be sleeping in my bed soon is to start getting you ready to leave well in advance. They gave us luggage tags two days ago, told us about our onboard account status yesterday, tonight was the ” final show”. What I don’t get live entertainment on my last night???? Anyway it all makes sense so that you have time to deal with any baggage or financial issues but it does put a damper on the last few days. This is especially true of this trip since we have a port day tomorrow and then they are throwing us off on Saturday morning.

Anyway, after a late start (I was up until well after 1 ya know) and two lattes and the delicious pistachio sticky bun we started to get ready by packing all our clean clothes this morning and filling up one suitcase. We have tried to load some of the heavier items from the backpacks (electronics mostly) to make them easier to deal with. Since we aren’t going to be flying, we have also expanded the rollaboards so that they hold a bit more…you could almost hear the zippers thanking us!

After lunch of burgers from the grill, we did a load of wash and packed up that stuff too, so hopefully tomorrow when we reboard in Valencia we will do a small load of the clothes we wear and basically have all clean clothes when we arrive at our first AirBnB. While it has a washer, the drying situation is unknown so the less we have to wash the better!

The Virginia Gentlemen (the UVA group) did a final performance this afternoon (standing room only) and frankly blew away all the other performers on board. In addition to being talented, they all seem to be fine guys and as Mike, Scott, Robert and I were once referred to while visiting San Francisco have been a breath of fresh air!

After their show, we went to tea, mostly for a scone! Then because we had leftover onboard credit from our agent, Mike got a haircut! It was the most expensive one he has even had at $39! But it looks great.

We then ate in the buffet since it got late after chatting over cocktails (and crab claws) with folks. We had Prime Rib which was tasty as was some finished to order mushroom risotto.

The final show was an ABBA Tribute.

One thought on “Despair.

  1. After being spoiled for 2 weeks living the high life, you and Mike are in for culture shock and having to live life on your own again. Look forward to the land blogs!!
    Glad you enjoyed your cruise.


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