MAY Dayra

Posting this on Tuesday morning from the Viking Sky’s Living Room where I’m having the late breakfast shown above. OMG, what I thought was a sticky bun is instead a really delicious not too sweet soft as heaven roll with pistachios and some fruit (apples maybe?). I will be back for another before Saturday!

Yesterday we were in Madeira which we quickly learned we were mispronouncing. The correct version is the title of this post.

It was great to be on land after eight days of rolling (FYI, we are back to rolling this morning though less so than before MAY DAYra under grey skies with cooler temperatures. Layers are our friend. Madeira is a Portuguese island off of Africa (find it on a map Jack!) and we landed at its capital Funchal. The island was formed by volcanoes and is very steep.

As you can see it typically has clouds at the higher elevations. Unfortunately these kept us from being able to enjoy the glass floored observation viewing point we visited during the included tour. Hopefully when we are back in November on our return to the states we will be able to see this high cliff that drops straight down to the Atlantic with our own eyes and not via our friend Google where I got this picture.

We did see with our own eyes the beautiful municipal garden, center city and the cathedral in Funchal. While beautiful the mosaic paved streets were slippery!

During the tour we also visited a little fishing village where in a little bar we got to taste Poncha (a punch made of dark and light run, honey and orange and lemon juice) which was tasty. In addition to peanuts, it was served with a snack made of a relative of the garbanzo bean. They had been cooked and soaked in a liquid with garlic. They were tasty too!

We returned to the ship and enjoyed the sailaway from the stern.

No food shots of dinner last night, while not bad, not worth sharing either-Mike said the tuna at the pool grill was better than what he was served and the lamb shank I had needed something, a sauce perhaps. After dinner, the acappella group from UVA that has done 15 minute shows in the Living Room did a full show in the theater. They have been a great addition to the cruise!In place of food porn, here are shots of us trying on what apparently are the native’s chapeau. Thankfully we did not find the costumes in our sizes.

3 thoughts on “MAY Dayra

    • We were each gifted a mini bottle as we left the port. We split one last night with Mike’s cheese plate. It was very tasty with blue cheese. They have four different types, the dry isn’t sweet.

      We decided that asking two skinny guys to steer us fatties was too much…especially that part where they have to pull you over the flat part. But those who did it enjoyed it!


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