Lazy Day.

So if one nap is good two is better right?

We actually got up early enough this morning for breakfast despite another hour being lost. We are now four hours ahead of eastern standard. We ate at Mamsen’s this morning which is a small food counter in the Explorer’s Lounge named after Viking’s Founders mother. They serve relatively small plates of Norwegian specialties. I elected to bypass both types of smoked fish and had the waffle with sour cream, fruit and brown goat cheese shown above. It was tasty but I think I’ll stick with bacon and syrup next time with my waffle. Mike liked it because it wasn’t sweet.

We returned to the room with the intent of putting on our tenni-pumps and taking our walk. Alas, the weather has continued to cool so I found myself reading on the balcony enjoying the sound of the ocean while Mike did his Spanish lesson. Next thing I knew, I was laying on the bed reading and listening through the open door to the ocean and then it seems the ocean got to hear the sounds of me snoring.

I woke in time for lunch (see how I did that?) which we enjoyed outdoors. Salad and a few nibbles from the buffet …and a taste of the praline ice cream.

Afternoon somehow became a repeat of the morning. Except this time we both napped. All you silly people still working don’t know what you’re missing! 2 naps will be my new sign of a great day!

Anyway we awoke in time to get our walk in, take showers and make it to Manfredi’s for dinner with 10 other CruiseCritics in the restaurant’s Private dining room. It was fun to spend time with folks we had been “chatting” with online for several months.

The table in the room is incredible. It’s a single slice of a sequoia!

Below are some photos from dinner of dishes that weren’t in a previous post. The dinner was very good but the conversation as camaraderie even better.

Mussels in a saffron and crab cream sauce-delicious!

Insalada Caprese


Pasta with mussels in a lobster stock

Seared sea bass

Chocolate bar dessert

2 thoughts on “Lazy Day.

  1. That table was impressive. The fish and mussels look yummy and the group looks like a fun bunch of folks. Know you hare enjoying it to the hilt.


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