Weather Change.

Awoke this morning-yes it was still morning but only barely (this moving the clock ahead every night is tough!) to a change in weather. Still partly cloudy/mostly sunny and warm but a noticeable drop in humidity. And the wind is up a bit. We of course love it after all those days two levels above hell (as Mike described it) in the inferno that was Houston but suddenly there is an abundance of seating in the shade. Yea! And while I noticed some folks with sweaters, we are still in shorts! We also saw our first ship today (we should be halfway across the Atlantic sometime overnight tonight). A cargo ship in the distance.

The swells continue but seem to be spread out a bit more. It is what I expected the middle of the ocean to be like.

Several followers have asked about food, entertainment, drinks and room service.

Food so far has been great. The buffet is a step above other cruise lines but it is still a buffet. The main dining room has been well above most cruise lines specialty restaurants in quality and comparable in service. We have only eaten in one alternative restaurant, Manfredi’s and enjoyed our meal throughly (see previous post) but we both noted that there wasn’t the difference between it and the main dining room that one sees on other cruise lines. We mentioned that to the Dining manager when he stopped by our table and he stated that wasn’t “the Owner’s” vision and why they call them alternative rather than specialty restaurants. He wants all the restaurants on board to be of a similar high quality. Our only complaint at Manfredi’s which didn’t affect us l, was watching a table of eight have to wait and wait and wait and wait for everyone to be served their dishes. Rather than the servers assisting each other to deliver dishes or using a tray, their waiter brought out two patron’s plates at a time and once they were all delivered (four trips) he then had to make two or three more trips to bring them their sides. Very strange.

We have the drinks package and have (well except so far today) been making good use of it. If we hadn’t Ilhad the OBC to use, we probably wouldn’t have bothered as the included wine at lunch and dinner is fine and cocktails so cheap ($6-8). The bartenders and servers are all outstanding. Somehow not only do they remember our names and room numbers but most remember our drink of choice. This is after four days aboard! Yesterday I was meeting Mike in the Explorer’s lounge and didn’t see him and server Stefani said, “Mr John, if your are looking for Sir Mike he is upstairs, I just took him a martini would you like a G&T?” Now that is full service!

Neither of us typically attend the shows on a cruise regularly. So I am not the best judge as I find almost all the shows a bit cheesy. We did go to Viking’s Rat Pack show last evening as during the welcome aboard we had been impressed with all three guys voices. They did not disappoint though the show could have been a few minutes shorter for my taste. The visiting Va Gentlemen have been great and their youthful vigor (as well as the eye candy) has been a welcome addition to this cruise where the average age has to be in the upper 60s. The piano player, string trio and the guitar player who appear around the ship are all enjoyable.

Since some fool decided to keep the roof on the pool closed despite the beautiful weather we are on our balcony listening to the bow wave breaking, reading and waiting for the timer to go off indicating its time to retrieve (and fold😢) our clothes from the launderette down the hall…does that qualify as second world problem?

4 thoughts on “Weather Change.

  1. What a gret location while you wait for the laundry to be done! Hope the roof above the pool is opened again real soon.
    Thanks for sharing the vison of Hagen” alternative” food venues. Liek his philosophy.
    I am enjoying your blog.


  2. Have you cruised on Oceania? Lots of comparisons between Viking and Oceania on Cruise Critic. I’ve sailed O and the food was terrific…and the buffet was amazingly good.


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