While less intense and less frequent than on Sunday and Monday, we continue to roll with the large trough waves. If you watch the top of the handrail in the video you can see what I mean. Previously we were regularly seeing 5 degree changes in each direction, according to the app on my phone the max is now about 3 degrees.

No one seems to be ill from it, but most of us walk around holding the handrails and trying to be low and wide as recommended by the Captain. I’ve got the wide part down….but hard for me to be low!

3 thoughts on “Rolling.

  1. Am following your blog.Great pictures.
    I will be on the the next TA on the Viking Sea.
    I do not get sea sick so I will just roll with the sea and weather for six glorious sea days.
    How are the lectures or resident historian?


    • I’ve only made it to one of the lectures-by a lady who with her son rowed across the Atlantic. It was interesting. There are three other enrichment speakers aboard-Reagan’s secret service protector who is spilling secrets, a wildlife observer and then the historian who apparently gave a great talk about Sint Maarten and then of course we missed going there.


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