Lazy Day.

Not much to report other than we got closer (but not much) to Spain.

Due to the time change ( we are now 2 hours ahead of EST) we were awakened at 9 by the room steward, that will teach us to not to forget to leave the “do not disturb out”. After breakfast and our walk we enjoyed the thermal spa followed by lunch.

Afterwards I intended to read but a nap overcame me. Mike did “tea” while I napped and then we met up for the Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle where we got to put faces to online profiles.

Afterwards we had sushi, shrimps and crab claws at the World Cafe followed by salads and ice cream. Delicious mango!

We then played a few video games of blackjack-closest thing Viking has to a casino. I won with over $12,000! Unfortunately there is no where to cash out. 😢

Hmm, 10pm. Isn’t that bedtime for old people?

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