Another first world problem.

Awoke this morn to significant rolling of the ship-5 degrees makes walking somewhat difficult but I slept like a baby (maybe all that baby rocking my great grandmother did finally pay off?) but Mike not so much.

Shortly after I woke up the Captain made a wake up call to everyone on the ship informing us that due to a low pressure system and the long swells, that the port of Phillisburg is closed so no stop for Sky in Sint Maarten and we were heading directly for Funchal, Madeira. He also said this rolling would continue for the “coming days” ….hmmm😱

Not a big deal for us other than our planned day of having the ship to ourselves is now foiled (and the aforementioned walking difficulties). Hence the title of this post. We were able to take our morning walk (mile for me, 1.5 for Mike) and are now sitting on the stern enjoying a tasty breakfast. Note to George: while there are no flugens they are serving very tasty (and yeasty) sticky buns.

Did hear sad news due to our missed port-got an email from a fellow CruiseCritic from the dock in Phillipsburg wondering where we were. Apparently they missed boarding in San Juan and were going to board this morning. So for them it is much worse than our first world problem. How awful to have planned a 14 day cruise to Europe to have it end in the Caribbean.

Wonder how many folks are in a similar situation?

4 thoughts on “Another first world problem.

  1. You will love Funchel. Visi and I spent a week there. Great walking. Loved the caged birds in the Square. Very colorful. Got our tiles for the side table we had made there. Enjoy. Do you get sea sick?? I do. Jane

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