Jeez, Viking certainly knows how to do food. The shot above is of the seafood offerings on the buffet adjacent to the sushi. We stopped by and had a bite with our predinner cocktails. The crab claws were split for easy eating and were perfectly cooked. The shrimp were a great size and the cocktail sauce and remoulade tasty. And for those who wanted their seafood more natural, head on scampi were also available.

We went to the restaurant again tonight and again were pleased. They are abundant choices and while the portions aren’t large they seem to be perfectly cooked and of high quality ingredients.

We are headed to see the Virginia Gentlemen’s “sneak peek” show now. Met one of them today at the pool. They have also performed on Crystal Cruises. The young man has even been to Antartica and he is only now a senior!

Anyway, some food porn for ya-excuse the poor photography, apparently we were in a section with a light ballast on its way out:

Pigeon pea soup-tasty but a bit salty (even for Mike) We failed to take pictures of the delicious crab cake ( one of the best we’ve ever had) and of the foie gras – a too abundance slice!)

Beef Wellington and the Oriental inspired Lobster and Scallops

Red Plum Crostata And Butternut Squash Pudding with coconut ice cream and sweet potato chip. Both were very tasty!

4 thoughts on “Abundance.

  1. Yum! Joe would have been in heaven with those crab legs and we both love shrimp so we’re envious. I’m glad that the cruise so far is an awesome experience.


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