San Juan.

Had an uneventful flight from Raleigh to Orlando. Got “my seat” with lots of legroom and an empty middle between us!

Connection to San Juan was completely full but even though it was a different plane it was the same Southwest crew and Egda had somehow kept “my seat” open so flew in comfort (at least my legs-the middle was not empty this time) into San Juan too!

Left Orlando 30 minutes late but arrived in San Juan only 10 minutes after we were supposed to. Grabbed a cab (cash only $15 + $1 gas surcharge and $4 for the two bags). Uber can’t pick up at the airport but is available otherwise. We made it to the Hyatt House (using Mike’s Free night from his Hyatt credit card) by 8.

Unfortunately the only food options (hadn’t eaten since 9:30 am except for Southwest’s peanuts) were Olive Garden or Long Horn Steakhouse. We decided that our last meal ought to be a burger so even though I had been hankering for mofungo, Long Horn it was.

Back at the hotel and anxiously waiting to board the ship tomorrow!

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