Rain. Cold. And Melissa McCarthy!

Our first Mardi Gras parades were a bust. It’s was cold and raining. But at least we got to party with Melissa!



All went well this morning and as you can see the Ubox left right on time before 11:30.

We dropped off the last goodwill donations and thought all we had to do was load the car. However, the buyer for Grandma Burton’s table ended up being a flake so we decided to look at taking it with us.  Apprently Helen wanted us to have the table, as all four of 12 nuts on that held the top to base to the legs were only hand tight and the other four were easily removed using the ONLY pair of scissors we hadn’t given away.   (Somehow we had 9 pair!).  And the top actually fit in the back of the car.   So while we look may like the  Clampetts we have everything in the car!   It’s cocktail time!



Figuring out how to fill up our 234 cubic foot Ubox was a bit like playing Jinga but as you can see we got everything in place-you can see the blue tape marks marking the dimensions of the box-and it all fits with some space to spare.

So we are having a celebratory cocktail (glasses have all been given away so solo cups for us!) and crossing our fingers that it all fits smoothly tomorrow when the box arrives.

It’s been a fun day -Breakfast with one of Mike’s coworkers to meet his daughter and then a final visit to Killen’s BBQ with my now former boss and his wife for our last taste of Texas BBQ. But it’s been a long tiring one too so as soon as this exciting game is over we are off to bed.