Charleston, well almost.

We left NOLA on Wednesday morning and made it to the east side of Atlanta before stopping for the night. Uneventful trip except for stopping at Waffle House for a Valentine’s Day lunch-yum, scattered and smothered hash browns. Didn’t know they had a value menu…thought that was the whole point of the house of waffles, but apparently not anymore.

After lounging the morning away at the Hampton Inn (thank you Hilton points!) we drove to Charleston arriving about 4. We are staying with my brother and his family in Ladson-a bedroom community about 20 minutes from downtown.

Yesterday we toured the Cummins Turbo Plant where my brother works and then had lunch at Bessingers BBQ. Yum, SC mustard based bbq sauce. Afterwards we watched my niece Madison for a bit at her tennis lesson (she is working hard to get herself set up for a scholarship) and even hit (well chased a few) balls with nephew Jack.

I then had what I think (hope) was my final work related concern call. Yeehaw!

After dinner we played a game- pretty funny, you have to insert dental things in your mouth and try to get your teammate to figure out what you are saying. Lots of laughs.

3 thoughts on “Charleston, well almost.

  1. I knew dental devices might be part of retirem . . . ahem, not working . . . but this is not exactly the way I thought . . . too funny! I’m going to share this with your friend, Susan, the dental hygienist, when I see her on March 6th.


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