Figuring out how to fill up our 234 cubic foot Ubox was a bit like playing Jinga but as you can see we got everything in place-you can see the blue tape marks marking the dimensions of the box-and it all fits with some space to spare.

So we are having a celebratory cocktail (glasses have all been given away so solo cups for us!) and crossing our fingers that it all fits smoothly tomorrow when the box arrives.

It’s been a fun day -Breakfast with one of Mike’s coworkers to meet his daughter and then a final visit to Killen’s BBQ with my now former boss and his wife for our last taste of Texas BBQ. But it’s been a long tiring one too so as soon as this exciting game is over we are off to bed.

9 thoughts on “Jinga.

  1. I have really enjoyed keeping up with your packing and preparations for retir . . . oh, quitting work . . . over the last several weeks. When you are in Raleigh I would love to meet you and Mike for a drink, if you have time. Just give me a call or text.

    Safe travels, and many congrats as you start this next phase of like!

    – Sheri



  2. So glad you placed those gorgeous Turkish carpets in pod for safekeeping. I was there when you bought them in Istanbul. Again, am so happy for you and Mike. Exciting adventures!


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