Retir…’ahem, unemployed…

Yesterday was quite a day, after 12,661 days of being a Heery International employee, I set the out of office announcement for the last time (don’t bother me anymore!), cut my computer off and suddenly I was unemployed.

The day started with breakfast and well wishes from the Aldine ISD team and ended with the party shown above hosted by my colleagues at Heery. In addition to them clients, colleagues and competitors were there to have a margarita (or three).

My boss for the last 28 years gave what basically was what I hope my eulogy sounds like someday long in the future and his wife recited a poem she had written in my honor. Both brought tears to me and I think a little bit to them too. While it was great to know that I had impacted folks, it also was a reminder of how much others have taught me and impacted me in return.

It was a very weird day, I expected to feel elated but I think between the emotion of leaving the Heery home (family?) of the last almost 35 years and the knowledge that we still have the final push to get packed up (where did all this cra, ahem treasured possessions come from?) kept the elation level low. But I think on Tuesday afternoon when we see Houston in our rear view mirror and the adventures ahead in the windshield I will finally realize that I am indeed…. (dare I say it???)


15 thoughts on “Retir…’ahem, unemployed…

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you and Mike will have a wonderful “retired” life together. Sure hope we get to meet up with you again in the future! Love you both! Sandy


  2. You’ll love retirement. Best decision you will ever make in addition to becoming a married couple. Please stay in touch with us as you travel around the world. Bon Voyage, Carol & Burt


  3. Congratulations Clay! A career well done, that’s for sure. I’m so happy for you and look forward to following the “Adventures of M & C”😘


  4. Congrats Clay, Now everyday is Saturday. My Philosophy of retirement is to do nothing from Monday to Friday and rest on the weekends. Have a good travel life.
    Russ Gregory


  5. Many congratulations Clay. Retirement is wonderful. I look forward to your further adventures. Basically remind me of your ultimate plans again. Cheers, Sandy NZ


    • We don’t know our ultimate plans yet, the next 9-12 months are to travel and see if there is somewhere other than the US we want to live since due to cost of healthcare here, we wouldn’t be able to afford to do all we want to do. We think we can live somewhere else until we are both old enough for Medicare-the US healthcare program for seniors which while not Free is somewhat more affordable than private insurance


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