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At least the first five months worth!

While Mike and I have had a general idea of where we wanted to go, figuring our actual itinerary has been like playing jinga!

We can only be in the Schengen Zone (sorta the European Union but not exactly) for 90 out of 180 days and since we had planned on being gone for closer to 240 days, we had to figure out how to leave Schengen for a bit. But without knowing where we were going to stay made it a little difficult to count the actual days.

The other jinga part was our tight budget for housing. While researching Airbnb as a possible source of housing for us, I discovered a great resource online, The Senior Nomads, Debbie and Michael Campbell. ( This adventurous couple has been traveling for since July 2013 staying in Airbnbs almost everywhere. Their tips and techniques have been most helpful and they were quick to answer my email when I had a question. I highly recommend their blog to anyone who is interested in long term travel or about learning about Airbnb.

Unfortunately, Mike and Debbie have a larger budget than Mike and I so we had to work hard to find places that were within the $50 per night we were working with and met our other wanted amenities. There are Airbnbs available at our price point but once we added the desire for a washing machine and an outdoor space, it greatly narrowed the field. But we have finally found places and worked the jinga puzzle so we are booked (and paid for!) through June 28th.

Below our current plans along with photos (and links) to the Airbnbs where we will be staying. Generally speaking we have rented one bedroom apartments but they all have sleeper sofas (or nearby hotels!) if you have any interest in joining us along the way.

3/4/18. Board Viking Sky – San Juan

3/5/18. St. Maarten

3/12/18. Madeira, Portugal

3/14/18. Seville, Spain

3/16/18. Valencia, Spain

3/17/18. Disembark in Barcelona and travel to Valencia

3/17-4/9. Valencia, Spain

4/9-5/1. Seriate, Italy

5/1-5/5. Santorini, Greece

5/5-5/28. Sofia, Bulgaria

5/28-6/11. Lisbon, Portugal

6-11-6/28. Porto, Portugal

6/28/18. Fly from Porto to Copenhagen to Lisbon to Miami

Yes that’s right Miami! Talk about getting out of Schengen! More on how that happened in a future post.

One thought on “Itinerary.

  1. So glad you are all set and paid for! You’ll be an expert on Airbnbs by the time you finish being nomads! I’ll be really interested in hearing how you’ll manage the Miami and US part of your wanderings too. You’re locations all sound very interesting and fun! I know you’ll both really enjoy yourselves!


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