Retirem…ahem, stopping work

Image result for santorini greeceDuring Mike’s 50th birthday trip (Venice to Rome on land/back to Venice around Italy by ship), his college roommate Yost (whose 50th we were also celebrating) mentioned he was going to work until he was fifty-nine and a half and not a minute longer.  What a great idea I thought – I’ve been putting money in my 401k since I went to work for Heery in 1983 (and my boss Edney refused to sign my timesheet until I had signed up) and since we sold the house in Key West, Mike and I have been trying to sock away every penny we can….ok, maybe not every penny or otherwise this blog about cruising wouldn’t exist! LOL  It seems to me it is time to start spending it before I am too old to be able to really enjoy it.  Since so many folks keep saying I am too young to retire (even though I disagree with them and think I was old enough 10 years ago….unfortunately the bank account didn’t agree) we will just call it not working anymore .

Since Yost got me thinking, it has been my intention to stop work sometime soon after I turn fifty-nine and half (11/2/17). This happens to support my oft-stated wish to spend my sixtieth birthday Santorini Greece which I think is the most beautiful place in the world…if you disagree, that’s ok, I know I am right on this….I mean look at that picture at the top!) More specifically, I want to spend my 60th in “that pool” I saw the hotel while having lunch in Santorini during my 50th birthday cruise…there may have been a glass of wine or two served with lunch!


No date for the work stoppage has yet been set (but it is likely to be shortly after the new year), but we have booked our transatlantic cruise which leaves San Juan on March 4, 2018 arriving in Barcelona 14 days later. More on the decision making process on the transatlantic in a later post..but suffice it to say we broke the first rule of retirement not working and exceeded our budget, but hopefully it will all work out ok in the end.

We have also booked three nights at the Oia Mare Suites so I can be swimming in “that pool” on May 2nd.  Our current plan is to spend about a month in Spain (probably half in Barcelona and half in Valencia), then two weeks in Santorini and then a month in Portugal (likely half in Lisbon and half in Porto).  Because of visa requirements we have to leave the EU by June 10th so we are still discussing whether we are coming on back then or heading to Ireland, Scotland and England and then after being out of the EU for 90 days, return to whichever of the locales we have visited along with Italy are most likely to be under serious consideration for our future retirement not working anymore home.  We then will take another transatlantic cruise back to the states in time for the holidays with family and friends.

So come on along for what is sure to be an interesting (albeit long winded) description of the planning for this retirement not working anymore trip and then for the trip itself.  And of course, if anyone is interested in meeting up with us somewhere along the way (the Oia Mare Suites has 22 rooms and there is plenty of room in “that pool” (hint, hint) please let us know… would be great to catch up with some of you face to face!

6 thoughts on “Retirem…ahem, stopping work

  1. Oh no! When you r—-e (stop working), I won’t know anyone in Houston anymore!!!! :(. And if you’re traveling in 2018, I’m all booked up! We have three cruises and I have my granddaughter’s graduation from high school! What are your tentative plans for 2019?????? Please don’t forget to keep me on your cruising list so I can travel with you vicariously! Love you and Mike loads. Sandy


  2. Wow, congratulations on the big decision!  Do you need a valet…I even do laundry….  Santorini has been on my bucket list for awhile. Take deep breaths as you complete these last few months. 


  3. Ha! I couldn’t afford to keep you in suits, given you have to fly so Far East to get them. Get Santorini of the list. It’s incredible!


  4. Hi Clay and very interesting to read of your future plans for your Œretirement¹. Sounds wonderful.

    We are having a very long, cold winter here even though we live in what is euphemistically called ³the winterless north² – we still get nearly sub zero temperatures of a morning.

    I had a wonderful break in Europe April/May on my own. I had 3 days in Paris, 3 days in Brussels, 3 days in Amsterdam to go to the Keukenhof tulip gardens; then I flew to Vienna And joined an 18 night tour of Eastern Europe. From there I flew to Copenhagen for 4 days and then joined an 11 day Baltic cruise. After that I had 2 weeks in London and then Flew home.

    In 2 days I¹m flying up to Townsville in northern Queensland where I¹m going 3 other ladies house sitting. It will be nice to get some sunshine and away from the cold of winter. I don¹t know if you¹re on Facebook but if so, you¹ll be able to keep up with what I¹m up to.

    Good to hear from you, Clay.

    Cheers, Sandy

    From: Cruisin’ with Clay Reply-To: Cruisin’ with Clay Date: Monday, 7 August 2017 at 11:17 AM To: SANDY CALEY Subject: [New post] RetiremŠahem, stopping work clayclayton posted: “During Mike¹s 50th birthday trip (Venice to Rome on land/back to Venice around Italy by ship), his college roommate Yost (whose 50th we were also celebrating) mentioned he was going to work until he was fifty-nine and a half and not a minute longer. What”


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