Uh-Oh.  St. Maarten.

I told them the tire light was on….no problem mon, it’s just a faulty contact.  Unhuh sure….

D&G, P&L and Mike and I rented a minivan here with the intent of circumnavigating the island with stops along the way with the final one being Moho Beach to see the planes land just over our heads. 

Our first stop was at Oyster Bay-beautiful place. 

Where we had tea and coffee.  

We then headed across the border into France to Orient Beach which has topless portions but we didn’t hike that far.  Also a beautiful beach. 

Our next stop was Marigot the largest town on the French side of this split personality island.  Traffic throughout the island is crazy but worse here. While trying to find the little market area from 11 years ago (who knew things changed over time?) we heard a huge pop and discovered I had been rightly concerned about the tire warning sign!

50 minutes and several phone calls later, we were once more on our way albeit now in a 13 passenger van! 

We made it back to the Dutch side to Moho in time for the first 757 landing from JFK but the big plane we wanted to see was the Air France A340 from Paris. It did not disappoint!

Doug’s picture above can’t possibly give you the full impact of these monsters coming in for their landing just over your heads-go to YouTube and search Moho Beach or St Maarten to experience more if it. 

The tiny bar and beach with 10 or 20 folks have definitely changed since our last visit. They can probably seat 500-600 folks and there looked to be almost that many on the beach. Amazing what YouTube has wrought! 

They were celebrating carnival and Presidente beer was letting you spin for prizes….I won a t shirt and a picture with the lovely Miss Presidente 

After having lunch, we headed back to the ship, thankfully arriving safe and sound despite the tire scare!

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