St. Kitts. 

On our CruiseCritic rollcall, one of our fellow travelers had recommended a private snorkeling trip in St Kitts with Leeward Island Charters. Not only was the price $30 cheaper per person than going with the ships excursion, we ended up with only 12 aboard instead of the fifty or more through the ship. We had a great morning sailing (actual sails not just motors on a sailboat) along the coast of St Kitts until we reached a slightly protected cove. If we are ever back in St Kitts will definately try to do a whole day with Leeward Island!

The water was the usual crystal clear but omg it was teeming with fish, coral and wildlife. In addition to the usual “Finding Dory” assortment of tropical fish… there were tons of conch and sea urchins, and I saw my first trumpet fish. Unfortunately I don’t have an underwater camera but my friend Google help me find one of what I saw:

The trip was great and all aboard had a great time…the light lunch that included slaw that used raw coconut rather than slaw was tasty (made by the Captain’s ex-wife) as were the rum punches with freshly grated nutmeg on top!  Peggy liked the punch so much she joined in the mate’s dance lesson.

Once I get home to wifi and get the video uploaded to YouTube I’ll post a link!

While eating lunch we were entertained by a small group of goats (5-7) climbing on the rocks nearby – including a tiny black baby goat which was doing more hopping than climbing. 

On the way back we sailed near Nevis-have to save it for a future cruise-but excited to see that it had its typical cloud cover!

After returning to the ship we took a much needed plunge in the cool pool and enjoyed our typical evening of drinks and food and EARLY bedtime.  Ah to still be young and able to party all day and all night still!

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