Sea Days. 

The first three days of this cruise were at sea. We enjoyed getting a kick start in our relaxation with them. Sleeping late, walks on the promenade deck trying to also kick start our exercise routine (which has become non existent since the prep a year ago for the river cruise), lunch and afternoon nap quickly became our routine!

We were pleased with our stateroom.  It was an inside handicapped assessable which we booked and had NCL clearly note we would give it up if anyone needed it.  Apparently they didn’t so we ended up with this extra large room. 

While we missed having a balcony, the extra space, full darkness for naps more than made up for it and since we were just two floor below the Great Outdoors, we had easy access to a very large balcony. 

G&D beat us aboard so they had made dinner reservations for the first few nights. Once we discovered the surprize of P&L, we quickly increased them for the first night (they had other commitments for the rest of the first few nights-that’s what happens when you cruise 10+times a year I guess!)

I don’t have any pictures from that first dinner- we were too busy laughing and having a good time, but we did meet Maraliza from South Africa (who is chatting up Doug and Mike in the picture above)who managed leBistro who made us feel truly welcome and was such fun that we ended up canceling reservations at other locales to eat there three times total. 

Surfice it to say that our vacation was off to a good start!

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