Mo’ Sea Days. 

Our trip back from the Carribean was a continuation of the time spent getting to the islands….sleeeping in, walking, a little bit of pool, naps, eating and of course drinking a little.  

Mike discovered the best dirty martinis ever at the Martini bar. “His” bartender Marjan

muddled olives in the vodka and then strained it into the shaker. Marian also made a very tasty Aviation which became my go to pre-dinner cocktail.  

We also had two more specialty restaurant dinners. One with “our” friends Maraliza and Diana at Le Bistro. 

Mike and I shared the Cote de Bouf for two. It was incredible.  We had tried it before and weren’t impressed.  Not so this time. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it but as you can see from below, all of us were pleased with our meal!

We had a final dinner that included P&L at Cagney’s which is Norwegian’s steakhouse. It was fine but both the meals and certainly the service were better at LeBistro. 

I think I forgot to mention the dinner theater we had during our second experience at LeBistro. An elderly couple were seated in the middle of the restaurant. Apprently the gentlemen believed that everyone in the restaurant wanted to be involved with his conversation. He spoke VERY LOUD and made sure he knew what everyone was having, how old folks were etc.  Our friendship with Maraliza and Dinana and the rest of the LeBistro staff was generated by our (and their) comments on his behavior. The staff’s hospitality while dealing with such a customer brought new respect to how hard their job is!

On Thursday afternoon, I tried to organize a farewell happy hour for the rollcall. Only one person not in my group showed up but we had a good time anyway!  I had announced I had a prize for whoever brought the tackiest souvenir (or a picture of one).  Peggy was the big winner with the springloaded mermaid that D&G gifted her with from St Thomas. 

We spent lots of time throughout the cruise at the Great Outdoors enjoying the smiles and drinks from “my” bartender Mark.  He even made a special fruity drink for me using leccee liquor that he had to go find in the warehouse, which he called Walmart!

We also had an opportunity for all to enjoy the story of Doug’s portable stool which P&L made for him after his complaints about the unreasonably tall toilet fixtures on another Norwegian ship.  It’s a long story but surfice it to say that the litttle stool is being well known!

That’s it above Peggy’s head and here it is in use. 

We also spent lots of time on the promanade deck walking and relaxing. 

On our last afternoon we had a great time with Mark at the Great Outdoors reading during a lightening and thunderstorm.  So glad we didn’t have any rain until then!  The weather was perfect the whole trip except for the heat and humidity.   During our final dinner, we noticed the fog horn was blasting and when we went out on deck we could barely see the water.

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