The big plan for the day was to visit the 9/11 museum. During our last trip to New York for the Canadian cruise we visited the Memorial Fountains which had to be done via a time ticket and due to the construction all around, you had to enter the plaza through construction barriacades. The museum was one of the buldings under construction at that time. It is finished and the plaza is now completely open to the public.  They are as impressive as I remember. The museum is also. I don’t have many pictures, but the building is very well done and I think it will teach future generations about that awful day. For those of us who experienced it (even from afar-we were living in Key West at the time and Mike’s flight was one of the thousands canceled that day) it is less a museum and more of continuation of the memorial. 

The photo above is of the slurry wall which was built originally to hold back the Hudson River so the foundations of the original towers could be built.  After the attack, there were signifcant concerns it was going to fail and flood all of ground zero. Thankfully it didn’t.  The first stage of rebuilding was reinforcing it. 

Below are two of the columns that remained standing after the rest of the building collapsed are now on display.  Inthe background through the window you can see the newly opened and almost finished Freedom Tower. 


In the picture below you can see the outline of the north tower which one walks below and into to visit the historical exhibit-images, artifacts, etc. the column on display is one from where the plane entered the tower.   The last pictures are of the building’s exterior.

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