Disappointed. (But still excited!)

Norwegian Cruise Lines has introduced a new upgrade system to fill unsold staterooms.  Used to be that you got an email or made a call and they made an offer and you decided to accept or make a counter.  

Now they send out an email and accept “bids”.   We are an inside cabin which is fine but we always prefer a balcony but given the high price of this trip we elected to save some money.  When we were able to bid we offered $100 per person with little hope of “winning”.  However after others on our rollcall, who had bought in the last month for significantly less than we paid, won with their bid for $200 per person, so they’re in a balcony for $600 less per person than what we’ve paid. 

I’m perfectly happy with our room but it seems to me it would be advisable for Norwegian to look at the total price paid.  Of course if they factored in our Latitudes’ status (Norwegian’ loyalty program) in their     Evaluation of bids. 

Anyway, excited about boarding tomorrow and looking forward to a wonderful 11 days!

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