So while we have my (in)famous spreadsheet to guide our packing it doesn’t mean the stuff magically transports itself from the closet to the suitcase. We have to select, fold and pack. Ugh.

I had planned on us packing last weekend so it wouldn’t be a worry during the last terribly busy work week.  However, after pulling clothes from the closet on Friday night it quickly became apparent that we both could use some less worn, less faded, less stained and more fashionable… ahem, fashion.

So on Saturday afternoon after spending the morning and early afternoon at my job sites we headed to the regional (national?) Dillard’s clearance center and made some purchases. We also ordered some sale goods online sowe had to wait to pack until those arrived. Ugh.

Tonight those arrived and it finally looked like a changing room at Sak’s and now the guest room is loaded and ready for the suitcases. Hopefully tomorrow night we can fit it all in the suitcases. Ugh.

Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “Ugh. 

  1. lol….My guest room looks like that too. Getting ready for a VRC in a week. I am trying out your spreadsheet for this trip. Of course I had to buy tons of new clothes… It’s Paris!
    Will being enjoying your trip!


  2. We are so excited for you both. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Just make sure you tone it down from your last Coz adventure! And will Doug and George have an Uber driver?? Will we have pictures of laundry on the clothesline, suitcases in the hall? Can’t wait for you to get started so we can follow along with you.
    Peggy and Lowell


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