Best Laid Plans. 

When we started planning our three days in Budapest post cruise, we developed a whole list of sights to see but because of the lack of clarity about Viking’s tour and concerns with the weather we didn’t make any specific plans or prepurchase any admissions. 

Well, turns out Sunday April 24th wasn’t the day to go with the flow! We bought a day pass on Budapest’s public transport system and headed out to the Terror Museum. This building originally housed the Nazi party headquarters and later during the iron curtain era, it served as the headquarters of the communist party.  It now serves as to show the terror both caused Hungary.  When we arrived we were faced with the line you see above. Turns out the last Sunday of the month is free day!  So we only looked at the exterior exhibits. 

Including a portion of the Berlin Wall:

We then walked down to the Opera House which we hoped to tour…of course they had canceled tours for some reason so we only got to see the exterior and the 

beautiful lobby:

After a stop to warm up at the European version of Starbucks with a coffee, chocolate and a Linzer cookie we headed to the cathedral. 

We then went to the Parliament to see the crown jewels but of course going with the theme of the day, they were sold out!

So we jumped on Tram 2 which follows the river and goes by a number of the city’s highlights.  And as a fitting end to the day, after about two blocks, it was announced in Hungarian and in English (thank goodness!) that due to construction the ride was over!

That evening we finished using our passes and headed to the Jewish Quarter and had dinner at a gastric pub. It was fine but nothing special.

We got back to the hotel relatively early since tomorrow was out early morning at the Market followed by our cooking class. 

One thought on “Best Laid Plans. 

  1. Clay, that Terror Museum was horrifying. To think those poor souls had to live through those terrible times was haunting. Sorry your day was so filled with obstacles.


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