Zeller Bistro. 

  I did some research for our time in Budapest and developed a list of restaurants for the other three to choose from. We all decided Zeller looked like a winner and boy were we right!

We had to take a 6pm reservation as it was the only one available in early March when we narrowed down our choice.  So after the sauna, we headed to the hotel, did a quick change and grabbed a cab. 

Zeller is relatively small, maybe 20 tables and has a small menu with variations of traditional Hungarian specialties. 

We were greeted with a glass of bubbly.  Unfortunately, I only took pictures of my food but here they are. 

“Little Fishes the way my Mother Made them” 

Tasty fried fish, sardines? With a mayonaisy sauce that wasn’t tartar. 

“Mangalitsa Pork”

I thought mangalitsa was an adjective describing the preparation but found out on Monday at our Hungarian cooking class that it is a type of pig.  What some call the Kobe of pork….it’s  from a hairy pig and VERY tasty!

With the exception of some other guests that we quickly labeled the Kardasians, it was a great meal…so once again picking from one of Trip Advisors top ten restaurants proved a successful method of choosing a restaurant. 

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