Salzburg to Linz. 4/16/16

We had a relaxing afternoon cruising the Danube after having a light lunch (the late morning strudel ruined my lunch) with lots of included wine, we adjourned to the balcony and watched the beautiful scenery go by.  We went through several locks while not as impressive as the Panama Canal were still interesting to watch work.  Late afternoon, the ship offered a strudel making demonstration with tasting so I of course had to compare!). That led to a nap of course….too much wine and dessert.  Gosh I love vacation!

This evening they had the Captain’s welcome aboard reception, hosted by the captain who actually sits in the chair up on the bridge that you can’t see because of the %&$#@ slow internet and drives the ship.  They offered sparkling, kir royals and mimosas during that and the daily briefing which followed.  For dinner tonight we had very tasty chateaubriand in honor of my Mom – it was her favorite fancy food.

After dinner, a group of three operatic singers and a piano player came aboard (after we had docked in Linz) to perform Austrian favorites including selections from Mozart, folk songs and of course….”sound of Music.” It as a fun time and they had a number of our fellow guests join them “on stage”.

Turns out today was Sam’s birthday but neither Mike and I knew it until late in the day…but I think he had a good day…even without any ship wide celebration!\

Tomorrow we do an included day long tour to Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic, it’s a world heritage site and you can learn more here:

And we get back to the ship around 5 pm but for some reason, we don’t leave until midnight…again, not what our published itinerary called for…not an issue but if we had of known we were going to be almost overnighting in Linz, we would have planned better.

Again, sorry no pictures, but I intend to update all of these postings if we get better internet or when I get home…..who knew that internet would be so awful.

Night! Hope all of you who have to work this week have a good one….I will be enjoying relazing and drinking prepaid delicious Gruner Veltliner!


Passau 4/17/16

I am writing this from the middle of RezidentzPlatz the square just outside the cathedral known as the Dom. We just finished our included in the cruise walking tour which took about an hour and a half and was informative and a nice walk, according to the app on my phone just over 2 miles. It is cloudy and sprinkling a little. We were lucky in that when we got back the end of our tour to this Square we happened to hear music and choir so we went inside the church and heard a bit unfortunately on Sundays at this time of year they do not have the usual organ concert. There five organs and something like 323,842 pipes.  
I’m now back on the ship, after we stopped for coffee and strudel on our walk back. I am worried about the diet for sure!  
So far, no real complaints about the Viking experience though some things are a bit incongruous.
The waiters use some sort of smart phone device to take orders but one has to stop at reception to ask for a paper card when you leave the ship and turn it back in when you return so they know you’re back on board. So rather than on a sea cruise where your key card not only opens your door and is the security device on and off the ship and is what you pay for drinks with, here they use paper forms for drinks. Very strange. 
Second, the published itinerary never listed specific times instead saying “in the afternoon” or “after dinner” when listing departures or excursions. That grated on the planner in me since it made it difficult to figure out what to do for our free time. This is particularly so since based on the “program director’s” talk last evening, they have it pretty well timed for the whole week. But the real kicker is that we apparently are not even following what we were told. Mike had our afternoon here in Passau planned since we weren’t supposed to leave “late afternoon” but turns out we depart at lunch????
But I am looking forward to an afternoon of river cruising this afternoon. 

Viking Njord 4/16/16





  Arrived and although we weren’t the first aboardthe ship 

it seemed empty but part of that is only 200 people.  
Our room seems about the same as ocean liners. The balcony is narrower than I am used to but I suspect it is like the newer ships that folks complain about. The bathroom seems a little smaller also but is pretty interesting in that all the walls are frosted glass- though with the flick of a switch you can make the glass clear. Not sure why Viking spent the money for this feature but it’s cool. Though the glass is problematic at night as there isn’t a dim light. Not to future Viking cruisers, bring along a note light 
After an introductory session with the Program Director, we had a nice dinner. The crab and tuna tartar Neapolitan what’s the highlight but the char was also tasty. 
After dinner Mike and I thought about going into town, but ended up going back to the cabin where I went to bed and he apparently watched Sound of Music!

Salzburg to Passau. 4/16/16

Salzburg to Passau. 4/16/18
Had an uneventful 3 hour train trip from Salzburf to Passau where our ship was waiting. 
We were entertained during the last bit of the train ride by a Batchelor party group. Apparently the tradition is for the Batchelor to sell shots to help pay for the party and in at least this case to wear pants which had been taken apart to allow him to be whipped and to have blocks attached to his foot…I guess the German version of a ball and chain?

Salzburg 4/15/16

  Salzburg 4/15/16
Sam was in charge of our Salzburg day and decided that taking the Hop on hop off bus would be the best way for us to see the town in our limited time…and he was right. We boarded at our hotel ( the benefits of a hotel at the railroad station!) and rode the entire tour stopping at the last stop which was the closest to the fortress overlooking the town. 

Before we took the funicular up we stopped for a coffee/hot chocolate at a cafe. I love the fact that they set out blankets!






The fortress is well maintained and the exhibits most informative. While up there we had a light lunch since the breakfast at the hotel had been so filling. 
After the fortress we walked into the older part of town and enjoyed a quick stroll through the gardens where Maria and the children danced and sang “do re mi” before catching a city tram (included in the HoHo) back to the hotel. 
After a nap (it’s vacation and we were getting over our jet lag!) we went to a local bar for a beer before going to an ancient brewery for a delicious but way too filling dinner. 



So Vikings wifi isn’t the best so uploading photos is difficult. I am not sure whether this idea of a live blog is going to work or not.  But I will post what I can now and augment it later to add photos.