Thanks for worrying!

So this live blogging hasn’t worked out so well….first it was Viking’s lousy Internet and now it’s WordPress on the iPad, it is making it difficult to upload text and pictures so I am giving up until I get home to a computer when I promise to finish.

But for those of you who texted to be sure we are ok since the blog had been empty, we are fine.  Got off the ship yesterday  (Saturday) just after this picture of us  was taken at the Aquavit Terrace after our last lunch under the first bridge crossing the Danube-the Chain Bridge.

We fly home on Tuesday morning and I will try to update this with all our experiences and pictures by the end of the weekend.

Again sorry but I guess I learned my lesson!  Here is a taste  (literally in some cases!) of Budapest so hopefully you will stay tuned….

 Hungarian ladies on their way to St. Stephen’s for church.

  Hero’s Square.

  Hero #1.

  Hero #22.

  Parliament Plaza.

 View of Danube and Buda Castle from Parliment.

 “Little Fishes the Way My Mother Made Them” at Zeller Bistro where we had a great dinner.
 Pork Chop at Zeller Bistro.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for worrying!

  1. Hi guys. Lovely photos! You both look just as I remember you on the south American cruise. I recognize all the photos of Budapest from when we were there on our river cruise 3 years ago. Sounds like you had a wonderful cruise. Safe journey home guys. Sandy.


  2. Hey guys are you at Heathrow? Your Budapest pic remind me of being in the same places as you. It look like you’ve had a fabulous time. Have a safe journey home. Marie Sent from my iPhone



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