Viking Njord 4/16/16





  Arrived and although we weren’t the first aboardthe ship 

it seemed empty but part of that is only 200 people.  
Our room seems about the same as ocean liners. The balcony is narrower than I am used to but I suspect it is like the newer ships that folks complain about. The bathroom seems a little smaller also but is pretty interesting in that all the walls are frosted glass- though with the flick of a switch you can make the glass clear. Not sure why Viking spent the money for this feature but it’s cool. Though the glass is problematic at night as there isn’t a dim light. Not to future Viking cruisers, bring along a note light 
After an introductory session with the Program Director, we had a nice dinner. The crab and tuna tartar Neapolitan what’s the highlight but the char was also tasty. 
After dinner Mike and I thought about going into town, but ended up going back to the cabin where I went to bed and he apparently watched Sound of Music!

2 thoughts on “Viking Njord 4/16/16

  1. Hope you got to go to Passau to visit the town. It if a neat place. We sat in the park at the penisula like Charleston’s to see the meeting of the Inn, the Ils and the Danube rivers. Lovely park.


    • We did and got to hear the organ and choir in the beautiful cathedral. It was a little drizzly so didn’t get to the park though it has been our plan.


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