Turning Left. 

In the rarified air of long haul premium travel, “turning left” implies that you are seated in business or better since when you board the plane, you turn left to get to your  flat bed while most of the other passengers turn right to get to their benche…ahem …luxurious 17″ wide by 31″ pitch seats. 

However more recently (particularly on the larger aircraft) the airlines have started using two jetways. 

One to the door closest to the cockpit for first and biz, and a second one aft of the premium cabins for everyone else. This is likely done so we don’t have to feel guilty as they march like leemings to 10 hours of torture. 

However, it appears that here at IAH we will be using a single jetway (sacre bleu!) and therefore Mike and I will be

Turning Left!!!  

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