No Sleeping allowed.

I hate the night before a trip…even when we have everything packed, all the household items taken care of, and no real worries, I still can’t sleep.

We have been trying to start moving our body clocks closer to Bavarian Central time over the last few days by getting up 15/30 minutes earlier everyday and going to bed similarly earlier than normal in the hopes of minimizing jetlag.

So we should have gone to bed last night no later than 9 and gotten up about 5 but after doing a through cleaning of the kitchen, making sure all our bills were scheduled to be paid, checking the passport holders one last time to make sure that no one had sneaked in and stolen them, putting the last items into our backpacks it was closer to 11 when we made it…..and of course I couldn’t get to sleep right away.

And then around 2 am, we had a VERY loud thunderstorm which woke me and I haven’t really been able to get back to sleep….so here I sit at 4:19 CST which is 11:19 am in Munich so I guess our plan worked…I am now awake in the correct time zone but I won’t be there for another 24 hours!

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