Breakfast. Haircut. Lunch. Kindness of a Friend. Lounge. 

After a quick breakfast of a hint of Greek yougurt left in the fridge with a pear for flavor we headed out about 8am for haircuts, made a couple of stops for last minute errands, went home for a hint of sandwich from the chicken fingers left from dinner over the weekend, showered and headed downstairs to board the friendly and comfortable Phyllis Waggoner covered wagon to the airport about noon. 

We always worry about traffic delays in Houston and TSA delays at the airport but today absolutely no issues, left the car at 12:30 and were in the Air France lounge with a glass of bubbly by 12:55 probably well before Phyllis made it back home. 

So we could have relaxed at home a little longer in the cool comfort of our placerather than this hot lounge but from the arrangement and staffing of TSA it is obvious it will likely be awful in an hour or so. 

Since it’s so warm in here,  I’m going to finish this glass of Mumm Cordon Rouge (non vintage) and go check out the KLM lounge to see if it’s any cooler!  I mean why not? We have 2 hours to kill before boarding. …..

…..Well so much for that idea. I was unwelcome at the KLM Crown Lounge. 

“Sir, the Air France Lounge is a little further (ha, try 1/4 mile ) down the terminal”. 

“Hmm, I thought I could use either”

“Well… yes, but we have our flight to Amsterdam which departs shortly (30 min before ours). We are a bit crowded (more than AF but seemed to be plenty of seats to me). I am sure you would be more comfortable in the Air France lounge.”

Given the temperature was the same she was probably right.  So back in our home lounge now.  So much for Dutch hospitality…and they say the French can be emotionally distant! 

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