Logisitics. Packing.


As you can see, we are all packed…well almost, the backpacks in front aren’t completely loaded but the two big suitcases are!

As long term readers of this blog know, I am an early packer….this is last minute for me – for the Italy trip due to business travel just ahead of it, I actually packed three weeks before we left.  As long term readers also know, I do love a spreadsheet and have used what I call my “Big Ass Spreadsheet” to gather information about everything related to the trip from hotels, to restaurant recommendations, and what this posting is about, my packing list.

So to all you folks who say, “well how will I know what I want to wear three Mondays from now?” I say, just suck it up and deal with wearing blue even if you feel like wearing brown…I mean come on!  You’re on vacation, relax…no one really cares what you are wearing.  Thought unfortunately as a planner, I can’t quite be as laisez faire about it as Yost and Sam whose credo for travel packing is, “be sure you have your passport and a credit card.”

Below is one page of my excel workbook – I know it is hard to read  but basically, I have listed each day, what our planned activities are and the columns in the middle are Pants, Shirts, Shoes that I expect I will need to wear that day.  It doesn’t say, “old jeans, green polo and black tennis shoes”, it says “Khaki 2, Polo 4, and tennis shoes”.  I simply count up each pant (doesn’t the missing “s” make me sound like Tim Gunn?), and shirt type (polo, long sleeve, dressy, etc.)  There are two rows per day in case I know I will need/want to change clothes for dinner.  At the bottom of the page is a summary that shows how many of each type of shirt and pants I need to pack.


You will note that we have a knapsack packing list and then two suitcases.  Each of us is carrying a knapsack on board the plane.  This will have our sleep clothes (those “one size fit all” don’t work for us petite flowers), basic toiletries, ipad mini, chargers, eyemask, AND our clothes for the two days in Salzburg – another pair of pants, two shirts and our unmentionables…which just got mentioned so why are they called that??

We split our clothes more or less equally between our two suitcases just in case one of them decides it wants to go to Muncie instead of to Munich with us.  That way we will hopefully at least have half our clothes because otherwise just like one size doesn’t really fit most, it is difficult for us plus size folks to hop into the nearest Walmart (wonder if they have invaded Salzburg?) to find replacement clothes.  So far we haven’t had to face not having our luggage though we did come close on our ’round the horn trip.

Long term readers may recall my long term prophesizing about the benefits of traveling with only a rollaboard and rest assured it was seriously considered (so much so that I have ANOTHER packing list based on that) but after considering that we were going to be spending all that time in the Concorde Lounge on the way home and it wouldn’t be fitting to look like the Clampetts AND the fact that we would have to do wash aboard the ship…ahem, boat which was sorta costly AND given since we are flying premium weight wasn’t an issue we elected to pack the biguns for this trip.

So that wraps it up for this lesson on how to plan your luggage and go away for 15 days in one medium sized, less than 50 pound (yes, I know we could have had seventy but I just weighed the larger bag and it only weights 44.7! – room for paprika for the flight home?) suitcase…and if our previous experiences hold true, we will each come home with at least one (and more likely two or three) never worn articles of clothing.

8 thoughts on “Logisitics. Packing.

  1. Wow, are you OCD or what??? As you say, you petite guys don’t have the option of Walmart if you need some clothing. I pack much less in my roll on carry on and don’t pay for baggage. Often they will check my roll on to my destination at the gate. Maybe old age has something to do with that. Think that extensive list is why I don’t go on cruises. All this said, I do think planning and doing the extensive listing on restaurants, days museums will be closed, alternate rain or dry days sight seeing is such fun and a wise use of your vacation time. Be Prepared!


    • I don’t think cruising has anything to do with the quantity we are packing. Being gone for 16 days means I need 16 shirts or a way to wash them whether on land or sea. On our preferred ocean cruise line, we each get a free load of wash every seven days so that would mean I could take half as many clothes…but that isn’t the case with Viking. They probably expect that Mr. Barroughs will be doing the wash for you!

      Anyway, when we did the Italy trip for about the same amount of time, we used a drop off laundry service in Rome after our first week. That allowed us to not lose time from sightseeing and still be able to pack in our rollaboards (which were a must for our time in Venice). For this trip, the timing of our land portions didn’t allow for reasonable shoreside laundry.


  2. This list reminds me of packing tip I saw for kids. Put entire outfit for day in zippered baggie so all you need to do is take out 1 bag at a time. I guess kids size fits in bag and they don’t care about wrinkles!


  3. I pack my folded tops in one 2 gal freezer bag and seal. Another 2gal bag holds underwear and socks and night gown, those bags go in one side of my roll carry on with 4 pr of pants folded in half and put in the other half of the carry on.Squeezing the air out of the freezer bag before sealing them keeps the items in good shape and takes less room with the air removed. Been doing this for years.


  4. You REALLY need to market the spread sheet as an app for travelers! I can help market it! 🙂 Thanks for this. You must have taken lessons from Helen & Ed Frye… this is so how they traveled too. xoxo


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