Uphill both ways!

I forget between visits just how hilly San Francisco is…..my dogs are barking and my thighs are burning!  According to Siri, we walked over 12,800 steps and eight flights!

We docked a little ahead of schedule so had no trouble making our pre-ticketed 9:30 ferry to Alcatraz.   It is an interesting place with quite the history (Civil War?  Who knew?!) but after climbing to the top and then what felt like an equally arduous trek back down I was hoping the Trip back to shore would take longer.  

The views back towards the city from Alcatraz were pretty incredible and I was impressed with the beautiful flowers in the island and in the City too. 

We had hoped to go to Sausalito for lunch but we would have been getting back to this side of the bay only 30 minutes ahead of “all aboard” so instead we walked😭 to Fisherman’s Wharf and split a clam chowder, Dungeness crab sandwich and a rock crab sandwich.    They were tasty but none were as great as we remember from our first trip here 20-odd years ago.  We then walked some more to Ghirardelli Square and had some delicious ice cream.  

And then of course had to walk uphill some more back to the ship!







3 thoughts on “Uphill both ways!

  1. Jail cells and ice cream!!! AWESOME symbolism…(at least for me) Ice cream can be my prison….but that scoop sure looks amazing. I hope y’all are having an amazing journey! Would love to see you both. xoxox


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