Los Angeles 

Our first US port since we left Tampa so we had to go through Immigration and because some folks were disembarking here, customs too. (Side note to both of my bosses and Mike’s too…..when we booked the trip, they didn’t sell it as Tampa to LA, I swear!  They added it after final payment but for the same price as going to Vancouver and you know me, I couldn’t pay the same for less).  Luckily, concierge Leah got us off the ship first along with the other CruiseCritics who were renting cars.  We were planning on calling Enterprise to pick us up but we were off so early that they weren’t open yet so the 10 of us walked to their location.  It has been a beautiful day, low 70s, no humidity really beautiful.  

Two guys from Vancouver we met on board joined Mike and me for our trip up the 405 to the Getty Center.  A Richard Meier masterpiece.  We took the “architectural” tour, not quite what I had hoped but a nice way to get aquatinted with the building and then walked through a few galleries before heading back towards the ship.  We took the “non-freeway” option back via Venice Beach and lunch at In & Out Burger.   Now back on the ship and ready for another sea day!









One thought on “Los Angeles 

  1. Thank you for your blog we had to cancel because we are caregivers and mom fell and went to the hospital. Enjoy your journey. You two are such a joy we hope to join you on the next one.


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