The weather changed during last evening.  The humidity dropped as well as the temperature.  It has been wonderful to be able to really enjoy being outside. 

Mike and I decided to play it by ear here in Cabo.  My goal for the day was to swim in the Pacific and I reached my goal….sorta.  

After tendering in from the ship, we were inundated with multiple vendors offering to take us to El Arco, the famous stone formation. Eventually we settled with one hawker who led us to “his” boat to take us to Lover’s Beach which is near to the arch. 

“his” boat wasn’t really his….”wait and your boat will be here in a minute”.  Turns out it was really two minutes, but we were pleased when it pulled up and Kent & Gail (fellow CruiseCritics) were already aboard. They wanted to see the arch and then go to a beach for a fish taco and their boat was recalled to pick us up.  Made us feel a little more comfortable having two other gringos along aboard the Mr. Penguin. 

Our pilot took us out towards “Land’s End” showing us Lover’s Beach (turns out the seas were too rough to beach the boat), El Arco, and after turning around Lands End and entering the Pacific, sunning sea lions and Divorce Beach.  We then motored across the bay where he beached the boat, and after agreeing he would return in an hour and s half, we clamored out.  Kent & Gail went off to find their taco….Mike and I laid out our beach towel and took a plunge in the water…not officially the Pacific since we were in the Cabo harbor, but close enough for me.  It was a beautiful day, sunny-warm but not too warm, ocean cool but not too cool.

Mr. Penguin returned right on schedule, we struggled aboard and were dropped off back at the pier. All in all pretty good service for $20 for both of us (plus a buck a piece “pier maintenance tax” plus a couple bucks put in the Captain’s tip jar, which was labeled “Captain’s 401k”. 

We returned to the ship and spent our afternoon as has become habit- gym, a plunge in the pool to cool down,lunch (Mexican bbq on deck), and then nap.  

We met the gay group for drinks and six of us ended up having dinner together.  They went to the show, Mike and retired to our room for a respite prior to the White Hot Party.  Due to the cool temperature and wind it was held inside so it wasn’t as much fun as previous ones we’ve been to.  But we did dance until almost midnight, of course we had to reset our clocks back an hour so I guess we still haven’t really partied very late. 


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