Late departure.  

No one has told us why but rather than leaving at 4, we didn’t until 6. Since we have three days to get to Cartegena it’s no big deal.  We had invited the roll call from Cruise Critic to join us for sail away on our big balcony and about 25 folks did…so the late departure  meant the party carried on a little longer than expected.  




 A couple of hours later, Mike and I enjoyed the first great viewing opportunity of our great balcony as we sailed up to and under the Sunshine Skyway bridge. 

We had a quick dinner in The Great Outdoors on the opposite end of the ship where we watched the bridge disappear and then went to bed early.   After all the traveling and very late nights we needed it.   






thanks to everyone who has been commenting but for some reason WordPress won’t let me lower security to allow for unlimited commenting so I have to individually approve each comment.   Once we leave port I won’t be able to do so, so while I appreciate it, please don’t be surprised if your comments don’t show up for long periods of time. 

Nice Day. 

Writing this from the United Club at Dulles while waiting for our flight to Tampa.  Had a nice evening with Sam & Yost, both their Mom’s, some of their other out of town friends and very late in he evening, Yost’s son from New Hampshire.  After a crazy day it was so nice to relax and just chat with old friends.  For those who have followed this blog before, Y&S were with us for Mike’s big 50 trip to Italy…it was Yost’s big birthday too.  

After a wonderful night of sleep And helpingthem move some of the party supplies to the venue we had coffee and croissants.  Then a mike and I took a cherry blossom tour of east Potomac park and the tidal basin.  Was a beautiful day, sunny, warm, but not too warm.  The peak was earlier in the week, but still pretty.

Afterwards, we packed up, dressed up(a little) and had a great time with 80 of Yost and Sam’s family and fiends before heading back to Dulles.  All in all a great 24 hours with great friends.  Our plane is already here ( we don’t board for another hour) so hopefully we will get to Tampa on time 12:30 am (ugh) and make it our hotel uneventfully.  Have a quick sleep and then head to board Norwegian Sun.

Tomorrow the vacation truly begins! 




Made it.  

Had an uneventful flight and made it to DC just fine.  Because we were four hours earlier than Hertz expected us, we had to wait a bit for our convertible to be ready but we pulled away from Dulles at 7 and made it to our friends Yost and Sam’s place 35 minutes later.   We added this leg to the trip to attend the party celebrating their wedding which occurred on Jan 2nd.   We will celebrate with them tomorrow afternoon and then head back to the airport to wing our way to Tampa.  

I always think at least one thing has to go haywire on a trip so I’m counting on the whole flight cancelation is it.  Fingers crossed.  


How many gates does IAH have anyway?

So LaJuan “Kyle Petty” Harris got us to the airport in plenty of time.  Dropped our bags. Bought lunch and got to  gate 34 10 minutes before boarding was to begin. Note this was not the gate shown on our boarding pass.  2 minutes later we were moved to gate 39.   While waiting to Board the sign kept changing from Dulles to Phoenix.  While we were waiting Mike noticed there were two first class seats available so we rechecked in, plopped down an additional $75 dollars (we hav already pis $75 for econ+ and voila we no longer need our bad airport sandwiches, we get bad airplane lunch!   Anyway,   10 minutes later we were moved to Gate 43.  (That makes FOUR!    So we are standing  waiting to board. Out now delayed aircraft which is now unloading.  

Fingers crossed no more gate changes and that I we will be on our way shortly.