The Canal.

I’m just going to let the pictures do most of the talking. My big takeaway from today was how in the world did they build it a hundred years ago?…..especially in the heat and jungle conditions. 

We entered the first locks around seven am and went out the last around 6.   We were running a little late because a cruise ship headed the other direction had a medical emergency which slowed things down in both directions.   We spent almost all day on the balcony.  We invited the cruise critic group to stop by  and a number of them did at various times throughout the day.  The ship arranged for iced tea and cookies in our room for everyone.   

All in all a pretty incredible day and even though we didn’t do anything but look, we were really tired at the end of the day and were in bed shortly after supper.  










 And we pass under the Bridge of the   Americas officially entering the Pacific. 

It was a pretty amazing 68 miles!




4 thoughts on “The Canal.

  1. Joe’s and my first Panama Canal transit was also on the Sun. But I cannot even begin to imagine enjoying it from your own balcony on the bow. How awesome! Memories for a lifetime. And I’m sure the folks with whom you shared your balcony view will also have wonderful memories. That was thoughtful and generous of you and Mike. Thank you for sharing the photos on your blog — even if it does make me jealous. 🙂


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