1st Sea Day

wow, a good night’s sleep makes a difference..in such a good way!

After breakfast in the private restaurant, we attended the “Meet & Greet” I had arranged.   The ships executives attended and after they introduced themselves and answered a few questions, it was mainly a time for us to put faces with names of folks with whom we had been communicating online…in some cases for over a year.   We also discussed the other activities planned during the cruise and the private excursions various folks have arranged.  I ended up getting four more for the cooking class I arranged in Huatlaco (sp) Mexico. One of the other roll call regulars, Sandy lives in Costa Rico and brought four pounds of coffee and my Cruise Critic friend, Donna mailed me two tokens for bottles of bubbly she had won and hadn’t used on her Easter cruise so we had a raffle to give them away.   

Afterwards, Mike and I attempted to make a salad at the buffet but it was packed so ended up at the sandwich bar and make a salad of their lettuce and some chicken salad….I suspect we will take more advantage of the quiet solitude of “our” restaurant in the future.  

After lunch we retired to our room where reading and napping were the main activities for the rest of the day.  I love vacation!

As VIPs we were invited to a get together of everyone in suites, nice but very staid though the four guys who make up a “Jersey Boys” type group were there ….since Mike had watched the replay of the first night’s show in the TV he didn’t know who they were and since one was Significantly older, he at first thought it was a gay Sugar Daddy and his entourage.  

After the party we had dinner in La Cucina- Cesar salad (made for Sue with a while anchovy ) osso bucco ( different preparation than previously but still tasty) and rhubarb panna cotta for dessert.  After a quick walkabout to make sure we weren’t missing any fun, it was off to bed.   

Sorry, no pictures with this post.  I forgot to take any, I’ll try to do better in the future.  

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