Nice Day. 

Writing this from the United Club at Dulles while waiting for our flight to Tampa.  Had a nice evening with Sam & Yost, both their Mom’s, some of their other out of town friends and very late in he evening, Yost’s son from New Hampshire.  After a crazy day it was so nice to relax and just chat with old friends.  For those who have followed this blog before, Y&S were with us for Mike’s big 50 trip to Italy…it was Yost’s big birthday too.  

After a wonderful night of sleep And helpingthem move some of the party supplies to the venue we had coffee and croissants.  Then a mike and I took a cherry blossom tour of east Potomac park and the tidal basin.  Was a beautiful day, sunny, warm, but not too warm.  The peak was earlier in the week, but still pretty.

Afterwards, we packed up, dressed up(a little) and had a great time with 80 of Yost and Sam’s family and fiends before heading back to Dulles.  All in all a great 24 hours with great friends.  Our plane is already here ( we don’t board for another hour) so hopefully we will get to Tampa on time 12:30 am (ugh) and make it our hotel uneventfully.  Have a quick sleep and then head to board Norwegian Sun.

Tomorrow the vacation truly begins! 




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