Today was Yost’s turn as tour guide in Split, Coatia. We had a relaxing day planned. The only real thing to see was Diocleatian’s palace which in reality is the old town. We tendered in to a beautiful harbor side esplanade…..I feel a cafe visit in our future!

We wandered around the exterior of the walls, thru the flea market and in through the main gate. There is a huge statue of St. Gregory outside the gate and one is supposed to rub his foot, alas he was behind scaffolding so he didn’t get a foot massage from me. The interior of the city was typical, though the center of town was based on a Greek model, so there is a sunken court surrounded by columns. At one time it was the town center and everyone gathered on the three steps, today these steps are ingeniously used as a cafe, you get a cushion and a wooden “table” that rests on the steps.

We visited the octagonal church as well as its crypt and bapestry. We wandered by the fish market which was closing down for the day and was being cleaned and then headed towards the esplanade where we relaxed, watched people and had some more Krempita, the custard desert.

Once aboard ship we had a tasty and free flowing wine dinner with the executive housekeeper. A really nice guy from Nicaragua. We then saw the second show by the four spanish singers that everyone had been talking about. They were quite good….sorta like a thirty something version of New Direction.





The “Cafe”






Fish Market


Mike’s Mom was complaining that she wanted a pair of those shoes we picked out in Venice for Kimberly or Sandie….so we found these for her:


Sam and Yost enjoying the Cafe before heading back to the ship


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