No Time for a Nap

This cruise only has one sea day which is not nearly enough! It felt more like a day of meetings albeit more fun than work ones.

It started at 10:15 with a talk by Carlos, the Concierge which as quasi VIPs, we got invited to. I went because I hoped to get a definitive answer as to whether Norwegian allowed express walk off (carry your own bags off) in Venice or not. There have been at least two threads on Cruise Critic on this subject with many opinions and experiences …some have been able to, some say Norwegian says the Port OV Venice won’t let you,others say Norwegian won’t allow it. It’s important to us because we have a 12:15 flight to Paris on Saturday, so we will need to get off the ship quickly. According to the concierge, it isn’t exactly forbidden to expressly walk off, BUT, once ashore, the elevators in the cruise terminal are sometimes not available which makes going down two floors difficult, so Norwegian strongly advises against it. Presuming our quasi VIPness lasts til Saturday, we should get luggage tags that allow us to leave anytime and Carlos should be avaiable to walk us off when we want so, fingers crosses we won’t need to do express, but if the priority luggage tags don’t show up then we are going to plan on doing express.

After the concierge talk, our Cruise Critic meet and greet was held. 71 had signed up and while I didn’t count, it appeared that most were there…especially surprising given the beautiful pool weather outside. We had the usual ships officers there…no Captain’s staff 😦

Most everyone went directly from the M&G to the Latitudes party. Mike and I had our fill of apricot swizzles and rum punches…didn’t win any of the door prizes though. We then grabbed a salad and enjoyed the Great Outdoors. After lunch, we hit the gym for a bit. After showering and dressing for dinner, we went to the Captains party for suite guests and VIPs. More of the same though we did spend a good deal of time talking to Silvio from Ecuador, who is the cruise consultant (salesman) aboard. After several glasses of wine and a few shrimps, we headed to Moderno (Churriscarra) for Mike’s and Yost’s official birthday dinner. The food was fine to good but the service was very slow…seemed like forever between the meat servers. They did bring two cakes to the table and sang Happy Birthday to them.

It was a fun day, but I never made it to the balcony for a nap. 😦

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